You can actually walk through history. A number of marked trails named after the Great Countess Matilda link the main towns of natural and historical interest in the hills of Reggio.

There are five different stages along the trail (plus the link with Reggio Emilia) split into shorter distances and with some possible variants.

The Matilda Trail takes us from the rock of Canossa to San Pellegrino in Alpe, a natural balcony overlooking Garfagnana, passing castles, turreted houses, ancient parish churches and sandstone villages.

The Matilda Trail

Created in 1998, the Matilda Trail is constantly kept  clear thanks to collaboration with the Italian Alpine Club section of Reggio Emilia and is promoted with the distribution of printed guides, hiking maps, apps for Smartphones, press articles and websites.

Extraordinary maintenance was carried out during in 2014 thanks to European funds managed in collaboration between GAL Antico Frignano-Appennino Reggiano, the Province of Reggio Emilia and the Consorzio di Bonifica dell’Emilia Centrale: new signposting and infrastructures were installed and two campervan areas were built at Vico di Canossa and Carpineti.

Since it opened, the Matilda Trail has increased tourism linked to Countess Matilda and brought further trade to hospitality and service businesses.

The nine-hundredth anniversary of Matilda’s death, that in fact falls in 2015, offers further opportunities for promoting a wider enjoyment of this area which is exceptionally rich in history and areas of outstanding natural interest, and extraordinarily hospitable.