Stage Features

2h 45′

8,7 km

Difficulty Rating: E

Continue along path 605; a detour on the right goes up to the protected climbing route of Mount Penna. The track climbs a steep slope and continues into a beech wood where some parts of the road are paved. At a junction path 605 continues straight on along the ancient Forbici mule track and arrives at a spring where it crosses the path that bypasses the ruins of Case del Dolo. After passing path 631 on the right, you turn left at the next junction onto path 605 A-691.

You will reach the Rifugio San Leonardo (mountain cabin), rebuilt on the site of a pilgrim hospital. Just beyond, you ford the Dolo River and fork left on path 691, heading to Riaccio delle Forbici. The trail follows the old Via delle Forbici track.

Do not take the path left for the nearby Fonte del Partigiano but continue and you will shortly meet path 603 taking you right, to the Passo delle Forbici. If you are unable to ford the Dolo River, retrace your steps to path 605, and follow it to the Abetina Reale Sawmill. The forestry road marked 681 leads from here to the Passo delle Forbici (this route takes 45 minutes longer).

From the Passo delle Forbici head north along the forestry road (path 00) to the scenic Passo del Giovarello. Leave path 00, though this can take you to the Passo delle Radici, and take path 691 down to the left to the Maccherie plain.

Leave path 601 on your left and continue on the Alta Via dei Parchi trail (signposted 591); before arriving at Prati di S. Geminiano you will see the signposts for the Matilda Trail that leads up to the right for the Passo delle Radici.