Stage Features

1h 45′

8 km

Difficulty Rating: E

Continuing from Frale through farmland and the remains of ancient vineyards you reach the Dolo River at Villa Bonicelli where the path meets the asphalted road and forks right.

The SM skirts the Dolo River along the asphalted road before continuing along a dirt road that branches off to the left, where you will be pleased to see a beautiful fountain. A few metres further along on the left you can still make out the route to the ancient springs of Quara that links up with the province of Modena at the junction signposted with the abbreviation BM (Bibulca Matilde) that goes up to Montefiorno.

The SM, on the other hand, goes up to the right leading to the area of Malpasso where simple suspension bridges are strung across deep canyons. The SM – 613 continues towards the village of Cadignano where you can admire ancient manor houses and an oratory. From here you go downhill to the seventeenth-century humpback bridge.

From Cadignano the SM-690 continues through the territory of Reggio to Pragolazzo. After crossing the Rio Rimaore, the trail climbs along a dirt track to Campolungo and from there following a carriage track that is partly asphalted you reach the town of Calvello.