Stage Features

2 h

7,4 km

Difficulty Rating: E

When you get to Romanoro on the asphalted road, take the road downhill from the church to the village of Montale. Just out of the village at the Fosso della Rovina, the trail branches off to the left and climbs to Panigale.

From here the SM-598 joins with the “Tracciolino” service road to the Fontanaluccia dam, which once also had a narrow-gauge railway. Along the path you will see spectacular sandstone walls sculpted by water as it runs through the rock. Both the bridges and the dam itself are very interesting from an architectural point of view.

Along the route to the left there is a detour through Rovolo that takes you to the town of Frassinoro that is closely linked to the history of Matilda. Finally you reach the dam where you cross the Dolo River and climb along a dirt road to the Church and the village of Gazzano (REST POINT).


tradizionigazzanoVilla Minozzo and Frassinoro are towns with deeply rooted artistic traditions. Singing, poetry, and music combine in the “May dramatics”, a form of popular theatre still found in the Apennines straddling Emilia and Tuscany. Choirs and organ music are still very popular. The live ‘Via Crucis’ is performed every three years in Frassinoro, with 300 people taking part. Gazzano houses the museum of the nativity scene, in which religious scenes are set in reconstructions of the Apennines’ most characteristic villages.