Stage Features:

1h 50′

9,5 km

Difficulty Rating: E

From Le Bore you set off towards Cà de’ Rossi, joining the local Morsiano road. Once through the village you turn left before the church into the road to Romanoro. Before reaching the bridge over the Dolo River the trail peels off to the right and goes through woods and down to the river.

You have to ford the Cervarolo River, though this CAN BE VERY DEMANDING. From here, go up into the woods until you come to Gazzano. If you wish to avoid fording the Cervarolo River you can take the bridge over the Dolo River and then take path 690A on the right which joins the Modena SM coming from Panigale following the old service road for the dam, known as ‘Tracciolino’. (See next stage)


Over the centuries the Dolo River has been a source of opportunities for local communities. The “salt water” of the Quara springs was used by the Romans as a spa and for therapeutic purposes by the Este. The force of its water was used to transport timber; at the beginning of the twentieth century a railway was built running high on the banks, parallel to the river; the line ran from Quara to Pian del Monte. Finally, the waters of the reservoir created by the impressive sandstone Gazzano-Fontanaluccia dam have been providing water since the 1930s along a 9-kilometre channel dug in the rock to the hydroelectric plant of Farneta.