Stage Features

5 h

12,8 km

Difficulty Rating: E

From the town hall in Casina you take the main road towards Castelnovo ne’ Monti and past the roadman’s house on the left;  you then pass through the pine forest below the parish church, along Via Del Rio and Via Simonini until you reach a path through the fields leading to Lago dei Pini.

The SM goes past path 624 for Giandeto on the left and path 624A for Pantano on the right. It then follows a dirt road between cultivated fields leading to the village of Fabbrica.

Then, once across the local road, you follow Via Poncema to the left and after a few metres the SM starts to climb up to the right through fields until it reaches the picturesque Corte di Valcava that still preserves its original form as a manor farm with its own oratory.

From here, you go down to the bottom of the valley through a pine forest crossing the Spallanzani Trail, that leads to Mandra, San Vitale and the Castle of Carpineti, just before the village of Croveglia.

A short detour takes you to Croveglia, a fortified village of medieval origin. The SM keeps to the right along a dirt road that crosses a meadow, then into the woodland where you ford the Fontanello stream to reach Croce di Petrella.

This section of the trail is of particular geological interest and allows you to admire significant layers of sandstone formations. Path 624A from Pantano joins Croce di Petrella from the right, while the SM follows a dirt road that descends to Giavello, joining the local road, Via S. Martino above Cigarello. At the dairy the trail meets the variant of the SM (650) coming down from Marola.


The area between Casina and Carpineti is historically important for Parmesan cheese as the first mention of this ‘formadio’ (in a parchment dated 1189) refers to the territories owned by the abbey of Marola. The abbey had several properties in the area, including the plains between Bibbiano and Quattro Castella, where forage was grown. The dairies and cheese factories in the mountainous area produce a prestige product.