The Via Emilia (SS 9) cuts across the centre of the province of Reggio from west to east. The Autostrada del Sole (A1 – Milan-Rome) motorway runs parallel to the Via Emilia, and links Reggio Emilia to Milan (150 km) and Bologna (60 km). Parma is only 27 km away, and Modena 25 km.

Northbound, the main road SS 63 connects Reggio Emilia to the province of Mantua, while to the South it crosses the Apennines of Reggio down to La Spezia.

The motorway exit Reggiolo-Rolo links with the  A22 “Brennero” motorway connecting Emilia-Romagna with Northern Europe.

The motorway exit Terre di Canossa – Campegine allows the Canossa area to be easily reached from all over Italy, providing a gateway to a welcoming and interesting territory, where history has left a significant mark.

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