7 km

Difficulty rating: T

From the fork at the flood barrier go down towards the reservoir along a track by the bed of the Crostolo river (646).

The path winds through older protective walls, plain woods and crops, crossing the Este canal built in the eighteenth century to serve the villas. A little further on you reach the road bridge between Puianello and Albinea.

Path 640 N continues along under the bridge, but if you follow the unmarked path along the river you will come to Vezzano. The marked route 646 crosses the Crostolo river (when possible, this is the recommended route).

Otherwise you can go to the road level and cross the bridge (protected walkway) that means you must walk alongside a RISKY bend on this busy road (until the envisaged pedestrian path is built).

Back on the cycle path on the left, follow it for 300 m until you reach a crossroads: cross the provincial road to the right and take Via Conte Re. Follow the narrow asphalted road, between fields and sparse buildings, that then enters the hills allowing a view of the wide valley and the hills dotted with villas and churches.

Past Corticella, once over the bridge crossing the Rio Vendina, a dirt road leads off through the countryside to the left, path 646B, leading to Vezzano, recommended only when the track is dry.

The main track, instead, continues uphill until bearing right before reaching the buildings at Casone, with a short descent going down to the banks of the Crostolo river. Cross the river on the right over the bridge, and immediately turn left taking the stretch of cycle path which skirts the centre of Vezzano.

Leaving the sports centre on your right, take a fork on the right leading up past the town library (the old mill beside the library is to be renovated as a hostel) until you reach the square in Vezzano.


The area of clay soil and gullies in the lower hills provide the ideal soil for the delicious wild asparagus that grows here. The area around Vezzano is especially famous for the plant to which it dedicates a festival in May.