The Matilda Trail, together with the Spallanzani and Ducati Trails, travels along one of the strategic ridges for hiking across the province of Reggio Emilia through the Apennines and towards Tuscany.

It is one of the official trails in the Emilia-Romagna network. It is fully marked and signposted. Marking consists of painted, horizontal red-white-red lines,  while signposts are present along the whole track with metal arrows indicating the closest, intermediate and final destination on this stage of the trail, according to CAI (Italian Mountaineering Club) standards.

The tip of the arrow is marked with the initials “SM” (“Sentiero Matilde”). At the main stops along the Matilda Trail there are rest areas for hikers where you can find information boards.

The website for the Matilda Trail,, provides detailed information about the track and links with other web pages for the territory.

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log-appA number of marked trails named after the Great Countess Matilda link the main towns of natural and historical interest in the hills of Reggio.

There are five different stages along the trail (plus the link with Reggio Emilia) split into shorter distances and with some possible variants.

The Matilda Trail takes us from the rock of Canossa to San Pellegrino in Alpe, a natural balcony overlooking Garfagnana, passing castles, turreted houses, ancient parish churches and sandstone villages.

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